Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Personal Definition of Blogging

Out of nowhere all of a sudden, why have I started blogging? I remember the days where I would sit there and just browse through beautiful pages after pages of those who are successful with their blogs
( I still do that till this day!) . I would sit there and tell myself, Oh how I wish I can do that! It seems like they have so much fun out of it and learn so many things each and everyday. You're probably wondering what can you possibly learn? Isn't it the readers who learn from the bloggers? I'm pretty sure that is not completely true! As a blogger it is your responsibility to learn about your reader's likes and dislikes. Ever worked for retail and heard of the quote " the customer is always right?" well, I'd like to say the readers in this case are always RIGHT. Without, your reader's support the blog that you're creating would not be successful. In my case, I'm a total Newbie in this blogging world, I'd like to learn how to make this blog interesting to my readers, possibly become friends with my readers? (It's always nice to make more friends instead of enemies =] ). We can all learn oh so much from one another! What I know you possibly won't know, and what you know I possibly won't know. So, let me learn from you guys on how to make this RIGHT.  Please feel free to leave as many comments as your heart desires!

Rosa Etoile

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